Our Services

Our Services


We work with adults, children and adolescents and their caregivers.

Anyone can experience benefit from the self-awareness that comes from seeing a psychologist at any stage in their life. You don’t need to have a mental health condition to see a psychologist and find it helpful.

We can be of assistance during times of increased stress, such as when making important decisions or undergoing big life changes, feeling a lack of satisfaction of fulfillment in your life, stuck in patterns you want to change, feeling frustrated and disconnected in relationships, or during times of grief and loss.

As clinical psychologists, we are also able to assist with a range of mental health conditions, and can work with people short term or long term. This will depend on understanding your goals and challenges, and can be worked out together with you in line with recommended approaches.

Please note, we do not take referrals specifically for the purpose of providing medico-legal assessments or reports.

We are currently not offering any group programs.


Our psychologists are registered supervisors with the Psychology Board of Australia and offer supervision to psychologists and other health and welfare professionals. Supervision can be provided individually or in small groups and can include discussion of specific cases or on more general topics relating to practice. While supervision is not therapy, it can include reflection upon how aspects of personal experience interact with professional work.

The frequency and format of supervision is determined collaboratively according to the learning needs and experience of the individuals and services involved.

We can provide confidential secondary consultation to other practitioners and services to enhance their capacity to support their clients. We are able to provide support, advice and recommendations to inform best practice approaches. We have particular expertise in services seeking to provide trauma informed care.

Services available to organisations include group reflective practice, workshops, training and consultancy.

Please contact us to discuss your professional or organisational needs.